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Solar Options

Solar installation in Bonita Beach

Solar – a Hot Topic in the Sunshine State

Solar technology allows us to harness the sun’s energy to produce heat or electricity without noise, emissions, pollution, moving parts or fuel. Solar can increase the value of your home, will save you money by reducing your electrical cost, and most importantly allows you to demonstrate your commitment to a healthy environment. But not all solar technology makes sense for everyone. We have learned a lot over 30 years and are willing to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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Solar Pool Heating – the Best Bet

Did you know that the most effective use of solar is to heat a swimming pool? Solar pool heating is time-proven technology that does not rely on government subsidies to make financial sense, requires low maintenance, and offers long-term performance. When you are ready to consider solar pool heating for your home, contact our team to design a system that best meets your needs and budget.

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Solar Water Heating – Obsolete?

Domestic Solar Hot Water System (DHW) will heat the water in the home using a roof mounted glass covered copper absorbing collector. This style of thermal solar water heating has been used in Florida dating back to the early 1900’s. Recent improvements to water heating efficiency include the advent of tankless instant heating, improved standard tank heating and hybrid water heaters. According to the experts at Florida Solar Energy Center, testing shows hybrid water heaters consume significantly less energy than both standard and tankless heaters and will actually outperform a solar DHW system. With a lower price tag, fewer parts to maintain, and better performance than today’s DHW, we no longer install this type of system and recommend that you replace your old DHW or standard heater with the hybrid heater technology.

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Solar ELECTRIC – Why Isn’t Everyone Using This Technology?

The scientific term for solar electricity is “photovoltaic” (PV) energy, which means electricity from light. A solar electric system collects the sun’s energy using panels mounted on a roof and wired into a building via an inverter. While it is true that sunlight is free, the electricity generated by this technology is not. Here in Southwest Florida, solar generated electricity is more expensive than buying energy from the power company. Without state incentives and utility-based rebates, residential solar electric simply cannot compete with the low rates provided by FPL and other local power companies.

  • Costly to Install
  • Payback Times of 10-20 Years
  • Many Failed PV Manufacturers
  • Over-Promised Savings
  • Misleading Sales Tactics
  • Predatory Lending

Want to Trim Your Electric Bill? Saving Is Cheaper Than Producing!

The first focus of anyone wanting to invest in solar electric technology should be conservation and efficiency.

Conservation involves changing your energy use behaviors from wasteful, inefficient habits to energy-saving ones.

Efficiency is reducing energy consumption by using efficient materials such as appliances, building supplies and fixtures. Both conservation and efficiency work hand in hand – by reducing your energy demand and becoming more energy efficient, you will greatly reduce the cost of your electrical bill.

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Our Southwest Florida Service Areas Include:

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